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Recipe: Fattet Magdoos–Eggplant Casserole

It seems like I’ve been eating a lot of eggplants lately!

“Fattet Magdoos” is a Middle Eastern casserole dish made with eggplants, plain yogurt, ground meat, and crunchy bread. A food from each food group adds a texture and flavor that makes this simple dish a fiesta of its own.

The full recipe is posted on a fellow dietitian blog, Chow and Chatter. I encourage you to check her many delicious recipes. She shared her vegetable korma last week.

A layer of baked pita chips, eggplant and ground meat, yogurt, and topped with parsley and pine nuts

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  • Arlette February 4, 2010, 1:56 pm

    Marhaba Nour,
    Kifik thanks for your quick reply , I am Lebanese and have two blogs one is and the other one is Walima Cooking CLub where I invite all Middle Eastern and Arab Cooks to join us in monthly cooking challenge choosing a country and two recipe…
    come check us

  • Nour El-Zibdeh, RD February 5, 2010, 1:36 pm

    Thanks Arlette. I’ll check them out!

  • shayma March 3, 2010, 12:12 pm

    this looks beautiful, aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables, i just adore them, and especially in cuisine from your part of the world, be it from Jordan, Syria or Lebanon. i prepare batoursh at home a lot- but i am not sure if that is specifically syrian (aleppo) or also eaten in jordan. please do share more of your Jordanian recipes with us.

    • Nour El-Zibdeh, RD March 4, 2010, 9:26 am

      Thanks shayma. I never really liked egg plants (aubergines) when I was young but now I’m in love. This dish is prepared in Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon (with maybe minor variations). What is batoursh? I will do my best to share more Jordanian food.