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How to Heal Leaky Gut?

How to Heal Leaky Gut? thumbnail

How to heal leaky gut? In this episode of Thank Gut It’s Fixed Show, I discuss 5 things to do to heal leaky gut. Keep in mind that the best plan is not the plan touted by the best doctor. It’s the plan the addresses the root cause(s) for YOU. We are all different. The best plan… Read More


What is Leaky Gut?

What is Leaky Gut? thumbnail

What is leaky gut? How do I know if I have it? What causes it? These questions are answered in this episode of Thank Gut It’s Fixed Show. I’ve been helping my patients heal leaky gut for at least 5 years now. When I first started, not many knew what it is or even have… Read More

Why is the Gut Important? Restore your Health Show Episode 1 thumbnail

It seems that everyone is talking about the gut lately. Leaky gut, pre-biotics, probiotics, wheat, celiac, gluten, bacteria, gut flora, and many more gut-related terms are popping everywhere. What do all these mean? How do they relate to your health? Before we get into all these topics, the first thing I want to talk about in the… Read More


Healthy meals and Snacks when Traveling

Healthy meals and Snacks when Traveling thumbnail

Today’s post is about some of the meals and snacks I had for the 2 days I was traveling to NYC. I want to show you that you CAN eat healthy meals and snacks when traveling. You have to CHOOSE to, and you have to KNOW what to pack (some tips and tricks, and food suggestions are always helpful). Heading… Read More


Rick was complaining of stomach and intestinal pain,  diarrhea, bloating, and gas. He  also was feeling tired, irritable, anxious and depressed due to his digestive symptoms. He had seen doctors and gastroenterologists and was given IBS diagnosis. His doctors were hands-off at that point. He assumed that his problem was a physical issue because there are… Read More


Listen to Tad’s success story with losing weight, fighting diabetes, changing his diet and mindset, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. My wish for you is to be inspired to take a step to care for your own health. To do what is needed to lose weight, reverse a chronic disease, and have a body that… Read More


5 Tips to Get Back on Track

5 Tips to Get Back on Track thumbnail

Are you ready to get back to your pre-summer goals? Maybe you’ve been putting off change until "vacation mode" is over and routine is back. If you’re ready to step into a new lifestyle to get to your health desires, whether it’s losing weight or eliminating your digestive complaints, here are 5 tips to help… Read More


Do you have IBS?

Do you have IBS? thumbnail

Do you have IBS? Do you suffer from IBS symptoms but not sure if you have the diagnosis or not? Are you looking for food and nutrition solutions, and what to eat, to eliminate IBS pain and discomfort? I must admit. During my college days studying nutrition therapies, I didn’t care much for IBS. I… Read More

Ramadan Meals for Sustained Energy, Hydration, and Fullness thumbnail

It's that time of year again... Ramadan is here! And with Ramadan arriving during the longest days of the year (at least here in the Northern hemisphere), fueling in the dark hours is super, duper important. In general, you want to eat more vegetables, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Your body will burn fats for… Read More


Vitamin K2 Benefits

Vitamin K2 Benefits thumbnail

Vitamin K2 benefits your body in ways you may not realize. It's not one a vitamin doctors talks about often, which is very unfortunate, considering how important it is for bone and cardiovascular disease health. In this post, I review vitamin K2 benefits and how to incorporate it in food and supplement forms. If you… Read More