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MRT-LEAP (food sensitivities)

10 Things that Help Eliminate Digestive Problems thumbnail

You know someone is your friend when you talk to her about love. And you know she's a CLOSE friend if you talk to her about your poop. Well, I talk about poop all the time. The little kids who come to my office giggle when I ask about their #2. The adults, on the… Read More

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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe thumbnail

Who doesn't have a busy weekday? Heck, as a full time business owner, parent of 3 (2 of them have weekend sports and 1 crawls EVERYWHERE), friends we love to hang out with, beautiful fall weather to enjoy, and a house move on the horizon, our weekends are jam packed. I had to bust out… Read More


18 Quick No-Bread Breakfasts

18 Quick No-Bread Breakfasts thumbnail

In a rush and looking for a healthy no-bread breakfast or snack? Here are 18 bread-free, healthy, real food, quick ideas. Read these notes about some of the foods I chose: Hard-boiled eggs: boil and peel a dozen at a time and store in the fridge for up to 1 week. Pumpkin seeds: along with… Read More


Muesli Recipe

Muesli Recipe thumbnail

Muesli is a mixture of raw oats (sometimes other grains), dried fruits, and nuts. It's typically eaten cold, and may be soaked in liquid for few hours. Muesli can be healthy or not so healthy depending on what's in it. In this post, I share a healthy muesli recipe. It's not too sugary (as long… Read More


Baked Chicken Fajita

Baked Chicken Fajita thumbnail

Few weeks ago, I made his recipe with a group of bright cooking-enthusiastic 12-year old Girl Scouts who wanted to learn about nutrition. There were 15 girls and I divided them into 3 groups to make vegetable soup for an appetizer, baked fajita for the main dish, and a healthy apple crumble for dessert. The… Read More


Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf

Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf thumbnail

While a first look might give you the impression that quinoa (say: keen-wa) is a grain, it's actually not a part of the grain family (wheat, corn, millets, etc). It's related to spinach and beets. It's native to Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Quinoa has gained popularity in the nutrition arena. It's touted for its… Read More