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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Crust Pizza thumbnail

Making a pizza crust from fresh cauliflower is just another way to use this super vegetable in gluten-free, low-carb, and low-calorie baking. Try this simple recipe to satisfy your pizza craving, guilt-free. To be honest, I hate to shame anyone for eating pizza. But let's face it, a traditional pizza with a regular or deep… Read More

Warm Chicken Salad over Sweet Potatoes thumbnail

  This is one of my favorite and comforting fall and winter recipes. Chicken cooked with cabbage, kale, and carrots, topped with parsley and sunflower seeds, and served over sweet potatoes. This recipe is a sneak peak from my upcoming recipe book! I'm putting the final touches and will be releasing a clean eating, detox-focused… Read More


Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe thumbnail

Who doesn't have a busy weekday? Heck, as a full time business owner, parent of 3 (2 of them have weekend sports and 1 crawls EVERYWHERE), friends we love to hang out with, beautiful fall weather to enjoy, and a house move on the horizon, our weekends are jam packed. I had to bust out… Read More

30-Minute Salmon with Collard Greens and Beans thumbnail

I often get asked how I make salmon. And I often get asked how to put a balanced meal together and cook everything so that it's all done the same time. This blog post is going to show you how! The recipes are very simple. I recorded my step from start to finish to help… Read More


Baked Chicken Fajita

Baked Chicken Fajita thumbnail

Few weeks ago, I made his recipe with a group of bright cooking-enthusiastic 12-year old Girl Scouts who wanted to learn about nutrition. There were 15 girls and I divided them into 3 groups to make vegetable soup for an appetizer, baked fajita for the main dish, and a healthy apple crumble for dessert. The… Read More

RecipeReDux: Arabic Lentils with Eggplants–Habbet Rummaneh thumbnail

It's this time of month again. It's the Recipe ReDux challenge... November's theme is: "Vintage Side Dishes"- Share the story of your favorite family side - or a tale about how you ReDuxed a recipe from an old cookbook or recipe card. Be it from the era of your great-grandmother, or your mom's kitchen experiments… Read More


Hello everyone! This recipe is a courtesy of my hubby who creatively whipped something delicious up for dinner while I was in between two online final exams last night. I was skeptical at the beginning, but after biting into it, I thought he outdid himself! The beauty of this recipe is that you probably have… Read More