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Do you Need a Protein Powder with Your Smoothie? thumbnail

If you drink smoothies or shakes on regular basis or considering it as part of a healthy diet, protein should be on your mind. Do you have enough protein in your smoothie? Do you need a protein powder? What types? How much? I answer these questions in this post. Drinking a smoothie as a meal… Read More

Health Benefits of Whey Protein and How to Use It thumbnail

In this post, I summarize my research on whey protein, its health benefits, what to look for when buying whey protein products, and suggestions for using it. Many of my clients have a fast-paced lifestyle (you'll relate if you live in Northern Virginia), so a satisfying healthy smoothie option is always welcomed. Without a protein… Read More


Green Zest Juice

Green Zest Juice thumbnail

I hope you had a good spring break! We started the week with some shifting gears from working full days to spending time with kids and working while my little one naps. My 4-year old LOVES to hang out at mom's office during those naps. Coloring and drawing is just more special in there! The… Read More


Recipe: Sweet Green Juice

Recipe: Sweet Green Juice thumbnail

In my last two posts, I talked about juicing and blending. Part 1: Juicing vs blending: which one is healthier? Part 2: Juicing vs blending: is drinking better than eating? I started making blended juices few months ago and I do enjoy their refreshing quality. I find them perfect after a workout (antioxidants!) or in… Read More