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Do you want to learn what to feed your child who has autistic spectrum disorder, hyperactivity, or digestive issues?

Your food, my friend, can make you sick or be your best medicine. You choose which one it is going to be.

Nour ZibdehHi, I’m Nour Zibdeh, integrative dietitian nutritionist.

Every day, I help people like you restore their health and feel their best through nutrition  therapies and coaching. My patients with medical conditions come to me with a whole list of problems. They’ve been told to wait and monitor their condition or that it’s something they have to live with. No one addressed what they eat. My weight loss patients come to me after years of undereating and deprivation yet can’t lose the weight and keep it off.

After working with me, my patients are empowered and their health is restored. They are happy and living the vibrant life they once had or never knew they could have.

What’s my secret?

Combining functional nutrition with health coaching principles.

Functional nutrition focuses on getting to the root of the problem, healing the gut, addressing hormone and thyroid imbalances, boosting metabolism, emphasizing whole anti-inflammatory foods, and addressing nutrient imbalances and deficiencies.

Health coaching focuses on finding your inner wisdom, what matters to you, who and what you love, and how to make health-related decisions to impact your life positively. With coaching, you’re grateful for what you have and the driver to move forward.

Why combined?

When practicing coaching alone, despite my best efforts to help my patients stay motivated and on track with the goals they set for themselves, if they had a thyroid, inflammation, or digestion issue, no strategies could could fix the problem. They came to me for answers and I didn’t have them. So I turned my focus to functional nutrition and discovered the joy (mine and theirs) of therapies that heal. I didn’t want to pick one approach, so I combined both– body and mind, science and emotions, physiology and psychology–to help my patients restore their health and feel good about it.

“I’m especially grateful for your highly personalized service and attention to foods and recipes that are safe for me.”

-David Galen, Galen Photography, Washington, DC

During the sessions, we might discuss recipes, your stress at work, your thyroid or immune health, which oils to cook with, your immune health, or your bowel movements! They’re all related because you’re ONE WHOLE human being. You’ll tell me how I can support you best so you can be the healthiest version of who you are.

My office is in Herndon, Virginia, where I see people from all parts of Northern Virginia. Some of my patients travel from Richmond (Virginia), Washington DC, Maryland, and West Virginia. I also offer phone and online (through Skype) consultations.

I have a personal caring relationship with my patients and that’s very refreshing compared to what they’re used to. I’m passionate about what I do, which is making a difference in the lives of people like you.

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“Nour is lovely, very sweet and kind. She was very flexible with scheduling appointments and during our meetings I found her extremely caring and understanding. Thanks for everything Nour!”

-Gina R, Fairfax, Virginia

I work best with people who are:

  • Willing to make a change. It doesn’t matter how big or small.
  • Willing to take charge. You’re ready to own your life and your decisions.
  • Prepared for the long haul. It takes at least 3 months and up to 2 years to restore health and sustain new habits.
  • Willing to follow-up. I will meet with you only once or once every three months if that’s what you want, but good results come with frequent meetings.
  • Open-minded. Nutrition science is constantly changing. Butter is now in and vegetable oils are out. You can disagree with what I suggest, but remember that there’s always a different opinion than what you’ve previously read or learned.
  • Willing to cook. I’ll recommend some products and restaurant meals, but you have to roll up your sleeves and prepare some meals at home.
  • Nice people. It’s simple, I’m a nice person and expect you to act the same. You can disagree with me, just do so nicely.

Professional Bio:

Nour Zibdeh, MS RDN CLT, is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She specializes in functional nutritional therapies and coaching for digestive health, weight loss, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, food sensitivities, migraines and headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, eczema, hyperactivity, and autism. She sees patients in her office in Herndon, Northern Virginia, and offers coaching through phone and Skype. Nour has a BS degree in Human Nutrition from Virginia Tech and a MS degree in Health Sciences from James Madison University. Nour has intensive functional nutrition training and constantly attends conferences and workshops to gain more knowledge and skills to better help her patients. Nour was voted Virginia’s Emerging Dietetic Leader for 2014 and is active on local and national nutrition associations. Nour has been interviewed by MSNBC, Washingtonian Magazine, Washington Well + Being, MBC, and other paper and online publications.

10 random things about me:

  1. My name is Nour, just like Queen Noor. It rhymes with ‘poor.’ My last name means butter in Arabic.
  2. My mom and grandmother are the best cooks in the world. I’m lucky to have grown up on homemade meals. I cook with my boys and their wives will thank me one day.
  3. If I wasn’t a nutritionist, I would have become an interior designer. I love pretty things.
  4. I moved to the US in 2003. Overwhelmed and confused, I cried at my first grocery store trip. I didn’t know how to read labels and didn’t know what to eat.
  5. I’m my first and most active patient. I struggled with my weight, digestive issues, hormones, and stress. Functional nutrition, food sensitivity program, and self-care are my healing modalities.
  6. That also means, I try everything before I recommend it to anyone.
  7. I’m super studious. I used to hide my straight A’s so I can fit in with the cool kids in school. As a professional adult, I’m a nutrition nerd.
  8. I love to dance.
  9. I’m a woman with needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and emotions. I don’t take no for an answer and will inspire you go after what you want.
  10. I’m a wife and mom of two active boys. Like most families, we do our best to eat healthy, participate in sports, spend quality time with loved ones, travel, and find joy in the little daily things. If you‘re a parent, I get you.