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“My gastrointestinal system was a bit of a wreck. I had gone to see physicians and gastroenterologists and after all the tests, they pretty much said, “Well, you have IBS.” That was pretty much the diagnosis. At that point, they were pretty much hands-off. The biggest [result from the program] was the psychological. It eats on you everyday and you become somewhat obsessed with your problems, which kind of amplifies the issue in a sense and you start thinking about it, which causes more anxiety and more problems. [The program] kind of freed me up. A lot of folks with this problem, think “Where’s the nearest bathroom?” “What can I eat?” “What can I not eat?” I still think about what I can and cannot eat, but I’m not as obsessed about it and I can go on vacation and go on trips and go out and not really think about it as much. When I started seeing you, we started doing …a process of elimination. Eventually, we kind of figured out what it was. Once you kind of know what the problem is and attack a problem at least you feel like you could make some headway at that point. If somebody’s on the fence a little bit do [about this program], go ahead and go for it. You have nothing to lose. If you get frustrated like I had been, you’ll get to the point where you’ll have to do something and there is no reason not to try.”

-Rick G
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“Few years ago, I started having bad back pain due to an autoimmune condition and nothing helped. Few months before working with you, I found a good doctor so things were better, but I still wasn’t really active, couldn’t walk for a long time, couldn’t run, or play sports. It was affecting my sleep. It felt like my body is not supporting me. And I started gaining weight. I wanted to know what to eat and not just take medicine. I believe that food that you take and what your body receives, your body will react to. I saw another nutritionist before but she just recommended cutting portions for losing weight but it wasn’t what I was looking for. But when I talked to you, you knew what you were doing and we did the test to find out the different level of inflammation food can cause. It wasn’t easy for the first week but got easier, and I tell people that you will love the results. Nothing changed in my life but my food. I started losing weight. After 1-2 months, I had more energy and I started doing simple exercise. Then I tried soccer which was my hobby before and I used to play in college semi-professional. I was very excited that I can play soccer 4 to 5 times a week. I started being more and more active again. I now have energy to play soccer like I used to when I was in college which is 20 years ago. I’m really happy with the results. I know what I’m eating is healthy for me and even eating more foods, maybe there’s one or two foods that I try to avoid but there are a lot of things that I brought to my diet. It’s been more than a year now, still feel great, I lost 25 lbs and I can eat whatever I like. It’s a great program and I recommend it to my friends. They can’t just follow my guide, it’s different for everyone.”


“Before Nour’s program, I was struggling with heartburn, stomach distention, rashes, and hives. From completing a strict elimination diet, I now know better how some foods affect me. I discovered new supplements, including some food based, that have helped heal me. The biggest impact of committing to 4 month program is the new habits and lifestyle I have built in which I now prioritize health over work. The program works, the available available lab tests and body composition measurements were beneficial, and have also having someone to coach and motivate you through rehabilitation. I would have bailed on the program in the first week if I had found it on the internet and attempted it alone. Nour helped me through. I would recommend this program to a friend or family member. I tried many times on my own to solve my digestive problems. This program was an important piece of the solution.”


“I wanted to try a different approach of managing my migraines. I wanted to see if I could see results without having to try medication first. If I was hesitant about anything, it was that I was skeptical that my migraines would go away with a dietary approach. This was my initial feeling before starting the program.

After working with you, my migraines have reduced! I thought I would never feel any relief from them, so I’m grateful that your guidance has helped me feel better. I have become more
cautious as to what I want to eat and have learned to look at food in a different way. Before, I would just eat whatever looked appetizing to me, disregarding how it could potentially be
affecting my health. Being relatively young, perhaps I felt a degree of invincibility that there’s no way I could be getting sick from what I was eating, but after receiving my results and
following the protocol the best I can, I have definitely seen positive results. You definitely are what you eat!

I would recommend you and your services. I’ve seen positive results for myself. I would encourage anyone with migraines or any health ailment to look into a nutritional protocol in
helping to manage their health. I think every person would benefit from it, especially from the MRT test, because you will be surprised what foods that you may be eating might be causing some type of trouble without you knowing it.”


“When I first started thinking about consulting a dietician, I wasn’t certain that changing my diet could really help my digestive issues or fatigue. I already tried abstaining from
wheat, dairy and soy for a few weeks without results so I though that I might have to go on medication from my primary care physician to find relief. Visiting a dietician was my last resort before I resigned myself to being on medication for the foreseeable future.

After taking the MRT and resetting my immune system, my digestive issues have been resolved. I am able to stick to a diet that is compatible with my immune and digestive systems and feel like I have enough energy to be productive in my work and home life throughout the day. I’ve also achieved greater focus and have mostly eradicated ‘brain fog’. I was also able to lose 25 pounds.

I appreciate that you are so thoughtful about how you help me and that you respect my choices for my care. I also appreciate that you have so many resources to offer me during our sessions and in your blog.

I would recommend your services specifically to anyone who is suffering from seemingly inexplicable brain fog, low energy or digestive issues. You are an excellent teacher and coach. If a client is committed to following your recommendations, then you will give them all the tools they will see results. I am so grateful for your help!”


“I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes almost 2 years ago and Nour has been absolutely indispensable in helping me beat it. With her help I’ve made HUGE progress on my numbers and now I’m on the verge of beating it completely. I could NOT have done it without her.

She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the latest research and she is kind and persistent in helping her patients make the diet and lifestyle changes they need to make. I’m very happy with my doctor, but Nour is the one person I credit the most for helping me defeat Diabetes. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“My physicians did not think my small bowel problem (repeated hospitalization) was diet related, though my oncologist agreed with me that it would be a good idea to consult a nutritionist. I followed my own hunch and decided to see Nour. Since working together, I have practically eliminated the small bowel problem and have healthier eating habits.

I like that Nour meet me where I am at (i.e., she understood that I will not do some things but suggested other things that I can do, and that I would be willing to try). She also personalized the consultation experience and provided written summary of what we discussed. My experience with Nour is positive and I would recommend her for anyone looking for assistance with dietary and nutrition needs. She’s professional, follows-up, and provides personalized consultation.”

-Bill T, Herndon, VA

“Since I started working with Nour, I feel less bloated. I enjoyed her encouragement to try different remedies and approaches, her breadth of knowledge, her persistence, brainstorming, and competency. I would certainly recommend her to anyone with health and dietary concerns. Thank you Nour for helping me.”

-Molly D, Reston, VA

“Although I am not following the LEAP diet strictly, I have relief from many of the symptoms previously experienced.  Fatigue is gone.  I am completely off of ACIPHEX.  No more GERD or acid reflux.  No more brain fog, bloating, joint pain, snoring and improved vision (WOW).  Almost no stomach discomfort unless I fall of the diet and eat a reactive food (especially corn or wheat). I’m very happy I took the MRT and met with you.  I’m especially grateful for your highly personalized service and attention to foods and recipes that are safe for me.  I’ve also recommended you to many of my coworkers who experience similar symptoms and urge them to take the test.”

– David Galen, Galen Photography, Washington DC

“Working with Nour has been lovely. She listens to my concerns and is patient always. By figuring out my sensitivities [through food sensitivity testing], I have been able to reduce pain and bloating, have clearer skin, more energy, and feel better in general. She is flexible with her schedule, very professional but caring at the same time. She has worked very hard to give me ideas on how to prepare and combine the foods that work for me based on my test results. I would recommend her to all my friends and family, in fact she works with me and my four children. Nour has been a blessing and very much improved my quality of life.”

– Heather Lucas, West Virginia

 “Since having Nour as my weight loss coach, I have accomplished all these and more: I eat clean food. I added chia and hemp seeds, oats, and more fruits and vegetables. I’m eating slowly and know what full and hungry feel like. I’m enjoying all foods. I realized how uncomfortable my body feels after eating junk food now that I know what eating healthy and clean feels like. I enjoyed challenging myself, which helped me in many things in life even organizing. I eat less sugar than before but still love sugary things. I have fewer headaches than before. I did things that were waiting in my list now that I have energy to achieve more. I dropped about 8 kilos (17.5 lbs) without feeling that I’m on a diet without stress. I enjoy cooking easy healthy meals like never before. I love to give my kids veggies and fruits as snacks (I used to prefer ready wrapped snacks which were easier). I eat less at dinner and love green things like never before.”

– M.A., mom of 2 who lost 17.5 lbs, London, England

 “When I first met Nour, I had  bouts of gastritis and digestive problems.  She modified my diet, helped me develop a healthier eating plan, and recommended a probiotic that really made a difference.  I highly recommend the food sensitivity testing, I learned a lot from the results.  I made it through a long trip through Turkey and the Black Sea without a single GI problem because of her advice.  Nour is terrific and I feel so much better after working with her.”

-Donna Z, Great Falls, VA

 “Nour helped me take a detailed look at my eating/nutritional habits and successfully turned my daily routine into a healthy one. I feel better, look better and have finally started losing weight! Nour changed the way I approach food not only for the short term but to build a LONG TERM approach to being healthy. She was extremely supportive and gave me tools to help combat my emotional eating habits as well, which has been key to consistency. Thank you Nour!”

– Dina A., a busy working mom in Northern VA

 “The best thing aside from symptom relief [from the MRT-LEAP food sensitivities program] is trying foods I would never have thought to try; foods I thought would have bothered me. I don’t miss the way I was eating. I’m feeling awesome. It’s been so easy. We’re creatures of habit, we do things so blindly. Now I see the giant light at the end of the tunnel.”

– R.S., Great Falls, Virginia

 “This is about the best I have felt in a long time. I have to say I think this program [MRT-LEAP food sensitivities program] has changed my life. I went from having to drag myself through the day to being energetic, alert and feeling wonderful over-all. I am essentially symptom free in terms of intestinal problems and it is only when I “cheat” that I feel poorly. This program has really educated on me on food – what I am putting in my body and how it affects me. Thanks again Nour for your help with this.”

– Glen S, Executive Recruiter in Marshal VA

 “After suffering from stomach issues for over 2 years and not getting any relief from prescriptions I started my own research online and found information leading to Nourition. Nour has been wonderful with addressing my problems and finding out what foods are my triggers as well as nutrients I am deficient in. I am feeling great, eating healthy and have fewer symptoms. I am so happy to have found Nour and look forward to being symptom free!”

– Sarah C., Charles Town, WV

 “I am a recent widow with 2 teenagers. When my husband died all sorts of things began happening. I shed weight, which I suppose is normal, my hair began falling out and I was having more migraines and mood swings. I also have epilepsy and in taking the anti-convulsants I know my body is full of toxins – I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I learned a lot from Nour and am more conscious about what I eat now. My hair seems to be growing back again as well and my mood swings are gone. I prepare the recipes she sent out to me and not only I, but my friends like them as well. Nour is lovely, very sweet and kind. She was very flexible with scheduling appointments and during our meetings I found her extremely caring and understanding. Thanks for everything Nour!”

– Gina R., Fairfax, VA

 “I am a stay at home mom of four in my late 20’s. I worked with Nour when I was surprisingly diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. Needing assistance fast and not having the time to attend a class, I contacted Nour to help me out. Not only was I able to receive individualized instructions and guidance tuned just for me and my situation, but I was able to stay in my own home while Nour did a house call for my convenience. She was very thorough and understanding and helped me see what areas I needed to cut back on and what I needed to eat more of. Through Nour’s guidance I was able to gain control of my gestational diabetes and complete the remainder of my pregnancy without further incidence.”

– N.H., Sterling VA

 “I attended a series of classes focused on nutrition and eating right, and really enjoyed them! Nour is a fantastic coach and really took the time to develop and present an easy to follow and engaging curriculum. I feel like I left the class with a set of concrete tools I can apply to my daily routine to not only eat better myself, but maintain a balanced and doable lifestyle for my entire family. Thank you Nour!”

– N.F., mom of two in Reston, VA

 “Nour was a pleasure to work with! She’s well versed in nutrition and shares her knowledge in a compassionate way. Nour provided coaching and education to a group of us in a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition. She listened to our needs and developed a program to help us better understand the way we eat scientifically, physically and emotionally. Even with a diverse audience, Nour took the time to ensure that each our needs were met. She went above and beyond and I look forward to working with her again!”

– Shazia, Northern VA management consultant