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Here are some popular topics I can cover in workshops and seminars.

  • Heal your Gut, Unleash your Health. Learn how your digestive system affects all parts of your body, including your skin, mood, and focus. Easy-to-practice tips will be offered to help you maintain a healthy gut and resources for healing for those who need it.
  • 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Lose Weight. Find out the common mistakes people make that plummet their metabolism and prevent them from losing weight.  Simple steps will be offered to help you start losing weight naturally.
  • Obesogens and How they Make you Fat. Obesogens are chemicals that interfere with your endocrine system and promote weight gain. The talk will offer tips to help you reduce your exposure to obesogens so your body can have a fair chance at weight loss.
  • Detox: Why you Need to Detox and How to Do it Right. Detox diets are more popular than ever, but people often make huge mistakes and fall into traps that make detox more damaging than beneficial. Learn why you need to detox and healthy way to do it.
  • Become and Intuitive Eater and Eat what you Love. Learn how to eat when hungry and stop when full. Start to connect with your internal hunger and satiety cues and absolutely enjoy every bite have.
  • Stop Mindless Eating. You make about 200 decisions that revolve around food every single day. Learn how your environment can affect what you choose to eat or make you mindlessly overeat. Find out what to do to overcome it.
  • Get Unstuck and Start your Journey to Self-care and Self-love. Are you stuck in current habits and thoughts that harming your health and your relationship with food?
  • Bland to Flavorful: Ignite your Taste Buds with Healthy Delicious Cooking. This talk with highlights the health benefits of herbs and spices and how to incorporate them into recipes. You might have deemed healthy eating to be bland because you never learned to use spices. The talk will briefly discuss which fats to use to add flavor without compromising health and how to store herbs, spices, and oils to keep their flavor and quality.
  • Eating for your Condition. This talk will focus on general nutrition recommendations for a health condition. Choose one topic from the following: diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, and migraines/headaches.
  • Feeding is Parenting. This talk is designed for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. Feeding children is part of raising them. Learn how to encourage and empower your child to eat healthy without forcing or manipulating. The talk also points common mistakes parents make when feeding their children and how it can impact their health and relationship with food for the rest of their lives.